Mining My Own Work – Paintings & Collages

I’m noticing that I’m looking into my own work to mine for new paintings and collages. In a previous post, I shared the process behind my mini collages on paper. I created four new paintings on paper in response to some of the mini collages.  These were meant to be loose interpretations of the of the original collages.  I had thought to only use acrylic paint but added some drawing and collage elements for some variation.

When I returned from a trip to New York in the spring, I decided to make some large collages on paper with the idea of leaving more negative space. I turned to some old painting sketches on kraft paper for collage material. I cut out shapes focusing on line and form within the brush strokes. Could I create a sense of movement using paper?  I really enjoyed making these as I liked the idea of reusing my own work in a different way.


The sketches are just very quick automatic drawings done with india ink. These are drawing exercises that help me to loosen up. I have been trying my best to practice regularly after discovering them through Steve Aimone’s book which I shared in a previous post a few years ago. I can feel myself making a lot more of these collages, especially since I have so many old paintings on paper!

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