Art Show Update – Above and Below the Surface


The Machine Shop building at the Britannia Mine Museum was the venue for the Above and Below and the Surface exhibit. It was wonderful to have such a great turnout as we did on opening night. Although it was dark and rainy outside, inside it was brimming with activity. I met the director of museum who was very excited to have this type of event at their venue. I sensed their value for the local community and there were even some residents from Britannia Beach who attended. I enjoyed meeting the other artists from Emily Carr, who had taken the same mixed media coursework as I had. Even though we had different backgrounds, I really felt that everyone had a strong passion for the work they were doing.

The curator, Jeanne Krabbendam, compared the process of curating the show to be very much like creating a painting. Each piece may provide a different element of design like texture, colour, pattern, size, sculpture or choice of materials etc. So that when presented all together, they would read as a cohesive whole. The diversity really made this a very fresh and innovative show.

I gave my artist talk on the following day along with Peter Sickert, Barbara Arnold and Louise Bunn. It was inspiring to hear their stories and it gave me more insight into the development of their work. I also filmed my talk so I hope to post a portion of it when I’ve had a chance to do some editing. Most of the exhibiting artists got together again in a few weeks so that we could share about our process and what we were working on. Overall, I really valued the connections we made. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that most were already meeting together regularly for that sense of connection.

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