New Painting – Solace in Writing

Writing in Solace, 2013, mixed media on wood, 24" x 36" For this piece, I was inspired by the process of writing letters and wanted to also celebrate the elegance of text. When you start to write, your mind delves out a flow of ideas that take shape as you rearrange your “mental furniture”.   Layering together letter excerpts and drips of paint suggests the idea of moving thoughts. They have a life of their own, running down a page and puddling together to create a passage.  The letters were from a married couple separated during World War II. Writing can reveal more vulnerability than in spoken conversation. I imagined that for this couple, writing was a way to cope and share the life that the other that was missing.  For that reason, every sentence would be special and meaningful. Nothing would be mundane.

Below are images showing the progression for this painting.











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