Art Show Update: Discovery Earth Exhibit

A Different Air of Life at Seymour Art GalleryThe gallery was teeming with people on the opening reception night. There was a great mix of artists and interpretations of this year’s theme Earth. I had a brief chat and critique with the judge Carol Badgley after the awards ceremony. Although I didn’t win, she informed that she would have awarded me a fourth prize had there been one. To be recognized is an honour nonetheless.  It was also exciting to see myself appear in the North Shore News alongside other artists.  Being in print seems to feel like a more authentic documentation of an event rather than just seeing it online. Perhaps it is because I can touch the newspaper pages.

I attended the gallery’s first Poetry Meets Art event on Jan 27th.  I admired the skill of the writers who composed poems that inspired and stimulated the imagination. The more I read and learn about poetry, the more intrigued I become about the craft.  This was also the day I discovered that my painting was sold! In more ways than one, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this show.

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