New Painting – A Passing Glimpse

A Passing Glimpse, 2013, mixed media on wood, 36" x 36", SOLD

A Passing Glimpse, 2013, mixed media on wood, 36″ x 36″, SOLD


In this new painting, I was particularly drawn to the area taken in the photograph which is the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Substation in North Vancouver. I had driven by this area many times and every time, I always had the urge to stop and look. It reminded me of a Robert Frost poem called A Passing Glimpse. Looking out of a moving car, you miss what you thought you saw and then it’s gone again before you can tell what it was. I felt this strange blend of grandeur and industry.  The varied textures of mixed papers, ephemera and rust patina add grittiness and mimic the grafitti feel on the train cars.

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