The Flats Block Party 2017

If you missed the Spring Salon, you can come visit me during The Flats Block Party at  The Arts Factory  from 1-5pm on Saturday, July 15th!  There’s lots to see in the area so you will have a great afternoon touring around! If you swing by, come find me and I can take you into my studio to get a peek at some of the work I made during my artist residency in Berlin. I’m still gathering my thoughts together so I hope to post about my trip later this summer.

Arts Factory artists participating include:

Sára J. Molčan,Annah Kassen, Aimée Henny Brown, Andrea Hooge, Antony Rolland, Tristesse Seeliger, Sophie Spiridonoff, Megan Majewski, David Crompton, Eric Neighbour
Ati Ahkami, Kathryn McPhee and FELT à la main with LOVE

You can also find more info about The Flats Block Party here. Hope to see you there!

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