New Art & New Event: Shiny Fuzzy Muddy


The Eastside Culture Crawl has ended but making art for me has gone into overdrive as I try to finish a few more small pieces for my next event in about 2 weeks! It will be for Shiny Fuzzy Muddy, my first “market” type event. I usually save up my money for this event so that I can treat myself to a late birthday/ early Christmas present. This year I am going as a vendor and I’m feeling a little nervous. It is bit of an experiment but regardless I’m looking to participating and meeting all the vendors. I am so grateful that my husband is helping me build a booth wall to bring into Heritage Hall which will be a tight squeeze. I feel I also need to step up my game as everyone there displays incredible work in that show! Deadlines are good for me to push me to finish work but the going is still tough.



 Stephanie Symns is an amazing textile artist in the event who was also awarded the Emerging Artist Award. The show’s admission fees goes towards supporting the nominated emerging artist. She was kind enough to include me in a recent article in the Province about the show which you can see here.

I will be showing a mix of small assemblages, paintings and works on paper of which you are getting a preview here if you missed it during the Culture Crawl. I hope you come out to visit me Saturday Dec 10th and Sunday December 11th at Heritage Hall!




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