Hot Talks Eastside Culture Crawl



HOT TALKS ARTISTS Top row: Bridget Catchpole, Vanessa Lam, Trevor Van den Eijnden Middle row: Esperitu Design Studio, Hot Art Wet City, Anyuta Gusakova Bottom row: Sherri Rogers, Tristesse Seeliger, The Hive Printing


It’s about one year since I’ve been at my studio at the Arts Factory. I have been a little apprehensive that I decided to forgo doing any art exhibits this year but in the end it allowed me the freedom and time to experiment. Now that the Eastside Culture Crawl is nearing, it’s given me motivation to try to finish some great pieces that I hope will be ready in time. I am also honoured to be asked to participate with a panel of other Culture Crawl artists at this years Hot Talks on Nov 9th at Hot Art Wet City. Tickets sell out fast so get yours here. You can see more about the artists on the panel here:

Tristesse Seeliger
Sherri Rogers
Bridget Catchpole
Anyuta Gusakova
Trevor Van den Eijnden
The Hive Printing
Esperitu Design Studio

HOT TALKS: Eastside Culture Crawl 2016
Hot Art Wet City
2206 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Wednesday November 9, 2016
7pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Tickets $5


Be sure to come by my studio to see about a year’s worth of new work! You can also have a look through some of the artists in my studio here. Note that some have moved on but some new artists have arrived like Aimee Brown, Tristesse Seeliger (who is at Hot Talks with me) and David Crompton.  Hope to see you soon!


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