Uppercase Magazine – Scavenger Hunt

Vanessa Lam in Uppercase Magazine

I am so excited about being in issue #24 of Uppercase Magazine that I had to write a post about it! I know I wrote about Uppercase in March and September of 2013 but it goes to show you how inspiring and how incredible the quality of the content is. This Canadian publication continually has my creative attention. So I couldn’t help but want to be a part of that community. I thought the theme scavenger hunt for issue #24 really spoke to my process of the use and search for materials. I’m so glad to see that it was a good fit!

Uppercase Magazine Scavenger Hunt theme

The cover is by collage artist Andrea D’Aquino, who has a great eye for colour and bold shapes. Each cover has a swatch of vintage feed sack fabric applied by hand. What a tremendous task that is!  There seems to be no end to the creativity and attention to detail by editor, Janine Vangool! In just skimming the issue, I could tell that this is going to be my new favorite issue. I was taken with each artist featured. More and more, I am becoming more drawn to modern quilters and weavers.

Sarah Swett in Uppercase Magazine

When I saw the work of weaver Sarah Swett I was in awe. Pictured below, she is able to weave stories not just with images but with text taken from a typewriter. I didn’t know it was possible to make text so intricate and yet so tactile. Hearing her process, I feel like writing stories could help me generate more work.

Alison Worman in Uppercase Magazine

I also kept flipping back to the sketchbook pages by Alison Worman. I had ideas about using collage and thread but after seeing these sketchbook pages pictured above, they just don’t compare. I am so impressed how she is able to create beautiful compositions with collage, drawing and thread.

There are so many more artists and work in this issue that I will keep coming back to again. If you haven’t had a chance to peruse this magazine, you can get a copy in Vancouver at Paper-Ya, Bird on a Wire Creations, Vancouver Special, Collage Collage as well as at other local and worldwide locations. You will not be disappointed. Until February 28th, you can save $15 on subscriptions if you use the code ‘scavenger’. I am truly honoured to be considered for this issue and I am savouring this moment for as long as I can.

If you want to see the painting that is featured in Uppercase Magazine in person, you can visit my current exhibit at Gateway Theatre in Richmond, BC from Feb 2 – Feb 26th. More details are on my exhibit page.

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