Art Show Opening – Good Vibrations: Music & Dance in Art

The Grand OptimistI’ve always thought about making a painting inspired by music and the theme for this upcoming exhibit gave me the opportunity to do just that. Music plays a key part in my art process as it not only inspires me but it motivates me to paint. As I listen along in my studio, I often reflect on how much skill and effort it takes to orchestrate harmonies while juggling various instruments and vocals to create a song.  I decided to visually illustrate this layering effect of composing music.

I remembered an old photo that I had taken on Yonge Street when I visited Toronto years ago. It was during a time when music stores still thrived on people combing through the racks of albums and concert posters were more commonly seen on street corners advertising upcoming shows. I painted and layered together that photo with music related ephemera like old music sheets, a torn label from a player piano music roll, newspaper concert listings, a wooden peg from a violin and a old cassette tape. The metal rods, which references a music staff, gives a slight nod to the piano playing days of my youth.It was a fun experiment for me to incorporate more assemblage into a large shadow box format. Below are images of the painting in process.

Come join me for the opening reception of
Good Vibrations: Music & Dance in Art
Saturday March 8th from 2:00pm – 3:30pm
at the White Rock Community Centre
15154 Russell Avenue, White Rock, BC

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