Art Show Update – Building Perspective

For this art show, I decided to take the opportunity to make all new paintings and create my first series. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough work to show but when it came time to load the paintings for delivery, it became apparent that I had more than enough to try to fit them all in the truck.

On the night of the reception, I was ecstatic to see a steady stream of visitors come by on such a cool, drizzly evening.  I couldn’t have been happier to see so many people including fellow artists, work colleagues, friends and family come and support me.

Although the venue is a not a traditional gallery space, the high ceilings and abundance of natural light showcases art really well. It was also a very cozy space to chat and view the art as we lingered past the end of the reception time.

Vanessa with Arnt Arntzen at openingI was not only excited to sell four paintings but that artists Arnt and Valerie Arntzen also attended my reception! Most of the photos that I used in this series were taken at Arnt’s studio and were the key inspiration for this series. I was so honored that they took the time to come. They purchased the painting “Deliberation”, which is pictured above, as a gift to themselves for their 35th anniversary. I always like telling that story!

With each show I have, I never tire of connecting with everyone and hearing direct feedback about my work. I have to thank Angie Heintz, the gallery curator, who was amazing in coordinating the reception and the show. This has been a fantastic experience in holding my first solo show.

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