Art Process – New Painting Inspiration

Workshop CollageI had the pleasure of meeting Arnt Arntzen at his open studio during the Eastside Culture Crawl in November. For the past few years, I had popped in to admire his amazing “functional sculptures” and his workshop. When there are always crowds of people, you know there’s a good reason why. I have always wanted to work with wood and metal and being in Arnt’s space, you can’t help but be inspired to do just that.

This year I had my photographer’s hat on and noticed so many unique textures and shapes in the materials that he collects and even in the tools that he uses to make his furniture. I knew that I wanted to capture these vignettes in my paintings somehow. Arnt very kindly allowed me to come back the following month to shoot at his workshop.  Every corner of his space held interest for me and my camera. I had to give myself a time limit or else I probably would have been there shooting the whole day.

Pictured above is a sample of the photos that I will be incorporating into a series of new paintings based on the workshop theme.  The photos are listed in clockwise direction starting at the top left: vintage drill press, airplane propellers, file storage box, sanding belts and vintage band saw. Part of my art process is that I use photographs to help guide the theme of the painting or to provide a jumping off point for the color palette. I am thinking that these paintings will have a slightly more bolder, industrial feel but still have layers of media, collage and found materials mixed together. Thanks again Arnt for giving me inspiration!

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