More Collage Ideas with Paperwork

Paperwork by Peter ClarkI was in Seattle at the end of June when this book caught my eye at the University Bookstore.  As soon as I opened the book, Paperwork,  and saw the art of Peter Clark, I knew I had to take the book home. His creative process is so much about the search for materials as it is about the collages itself.  You can see his sense of playfulness in how the pieces are so cleverly layered together.  Ordinary paper items feel so precious in these creations.  The artist goes to the extent of collaging additional pieces on top of his prints so that it becomes hard to tell where the print begins or ends.

It encourages you to make your own little discoveries around the placement or use of the various materials layered together. The attention to detail in the book goes right down to bottom corner of each page where the page numbers are also made from pieces of torn paper.  I appreciated that the introduction included references to the history of collage and it’s evolution. It’s a reminder of how many different artists over time have realized what this method of “cutting and pasting” could offer them. Peter’s work has such a fun sculptural element to them that I would love these pieces in person someday.

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